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RD Collective

Content Planning

Content Planning

Do you want to independently create your own content but need a place to start, and assistance in branding your content?

Our Content Planning service provides you with a 12-post plan so that you are clear in your upcoming topics and themes. Clarity helps you optimise your time spent creating content and sends consistent messages to your target audience.

With Our Content Creation Service, you will receive:

— 1 x 1 hour Content Consultation

— 1 x Content Plan

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Content Consultation

In our 1 hour together, we discuss your ideas for upcoming posts and your business goals. We discuss potential ways to communicate your next batch of content and work together to establish your content goals. If you’ve previously engaged in our Content Planning service, we discuss the performance of your last batch of content, review your creations and consider how the upcoming batch of content can better meet your vision and goals.

Content Plan

After your Content Consultation, we deliver you a clear plan for your content, so that you know what to capture and include in your accompanying captions. Our Content Plan includes a vision board for 12 consecutive posts and sets out the presence for your next block of content. We also provide you with a grid of posts so that you can easily schedule your content for an aesthetic and functional feed and communicate a consistent message.

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